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First Blog Post

Well, I guess I should get this started. This blog, I mean. Just to see how it works. I'm starting this new website - - as a place to put my favorite things. Things I've produced or created or shared with others in some way.

I'll put a picture here, I guess....

Aw, Phooey!

That's a logo I was working on, for the site. It's ok. You can guess the cartoon character I removed from the image. I just liked the word balloon. It was surprisingly difficult to find an actual example of that expression being used, in the comics. Aw, Phooey.

So, why "Aw, Phooey!" for a brand name? Well, I don't think of it as a brand name, so much, as an easy to remember web address. Eight character dot-coms are hard to come by, these days, especially as affordable as this one was. Bargain!

I did give the url a lot of thought, though, and it's an accurate reflection of my response to the music community, the art world and any others who try to tell you what you can and can't do. I'm just following my heart, for better or for worse.

Most of my work would not have been made, had I chosen to be afraid of the industry cautions and friendly warnings. To all that, I said: "aw, phooey, I'm gonna do it anyway." Simple as that. I'll share some examples here, soon.

And this is the end of my first Blog Post. Thanks for reading!

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Apr 24

Your WKRP Johnny Fever show is freaking AWESOME!

~ John Rezas

PS: I found it through Laughing Squid's blog on Tumblr.

Jun 04
Replying to

Thanks! It's been a real pleasure to experience such a positive response! Usually, my style will attract fewer listeners, so this was a new experience. 😄

Jon Nelson

Mar 29

Hey hey - all the best for the blog!

~ Matt

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