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Radio Projects

I've been experimenting with radio since the 80’s! My little brother and I would host J & J Radio from the family room of our parent's home, in suburban Minneapolis. Thanks to Dad’s portable tape recorder...

By the 1990s, I was working and volunteering in college radio and produced a program which I syndicated, in 2001, called Some Assembly Required.


Lately, the focus has been on a new series, which attempts to reconstruct a broadcast sense of what some mythical disc jockeys might have shared with their imaginary audience, over the airwaves.


Radio Retrofit features the music which originally aired, along with sound bytes from the programs which originally aired it. The programs are "hosted" by the KBHR and WKRP DJs, by virtue of my having edited them fancifully into place. 


As an editor, it's been huge fun to work on this series! Explore, below...​


The "Johnny Fever" mix

was so much fun to make,

I've been brainstorming ways to keep the series going.


Here's the idea...

I'll be producing brand new programs, from a variety

of incomplete "found

sound" broadcast recordings,

to create entertaining approximations of what

might have aired.

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The Interviews

For 12 years, I produced

and distributed a program

of Sound Collage, featuring sample based music and audio art.

And every so often, I'd record an original interview, and 

turn it into a feature on 

the artist and their work.


These interviews are how the show is often remembered, and I'm proud to present them here.


                               Click HERE


Favorite Episodes

The show continues to air on college & community radio.

Stay tuned for Brand New episodes, at, on the Sheena's Jungle Room stream


With over 300 hours available, it's hard to say where to start. Whether it's an especially interesting clash of styles, or a theme that's practically "mixed itself," this is a list of episodes I thought turned out particularly well.

                               Click HERE

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