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Radio Retrofit

This started as a mix tape, just for myself, with breaks collaged together by hand, from recordings found on WKRP in Cincinnati (1978), and I had way too much fun editing it all together, in honor of one of my favorite fictional DJs: "Dr. Johnny Fever"...

​I ended up playing the finished recording at WFMU when Howard Hesseman passed away, and it was so much fun, and so well received, I've just been brainstorming how to keep it going.

WKRP (Johnny Fever Mix)

Radio Retrofit

A 3 hour radio show, with Dr. Johnny "Fever," as host, constructed from actual song selections, played on the show, audio clips taken from the show, plus rock, rhythm and blues from 1982 and earlier, as programmed by "the Doctor" ...on WKRP in Cincinnati. 


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KBHR: "Cicelian Four Seasons"(Act One)

Radio Retrofit

Act One is 4 hours long, with KBHR DJ, "Chris in the Morning," hosting a best-of the program's eclectic soundtrack... with a focus on the changing seasons, in small-town Cicely, Alaska.

Part 1: Spring

Part 2: Summer

Part 3: Fall

Part 4: Winter                                       

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KBHR: "The Fling Itself"

(Act Two)

Radio Retrofit

Act Two continues Chris and KBHR's 199o's approach to Free Form Radio, with 3 hours of additional programming:

Part 5: Rainy Days & Tuesdays
Part 6: Cicelian Skies

Part 7: Democracy, Alaska


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Radio Retrofit

I'm on my own schedule with these, but have taken some fun requests... Feel free to get in touch, if you know what fictional DJ I should tackle next...

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