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The theater, the theatre!

Updated: 1 day ago

Let;s hear it for the theater... Distractions from reality, am I right?

I sought escape, from a very young age, and never stopped. I love a good movie or play, and have spent much of my life in one theater or another, either as a guest or collaborator, usually well behind the scenes.

Or working, as an employee... I may have showed you to your seat, or sold you a ticket, on occasion. Vintage, old one screen theaters are my sanctuary, basically. A safe space, to refresh, rewind, and reset.

It's where I remember what matters. And love it. Tell me a story, please, or listen to mine, if you will. That's the point of life. Connecting with people and sharing stories. That's it.

There IS nothing more than this. It's the greatest thing...

So I've started to flesh out this site a little more, adding pages for a couple of radio projects, which I need to finish, but at least the road's laid out and ready for new info. Once that's done, what's next?

I think I'll take a sharp left turn into theater.

Really, I wanted this website to be a place where I could tell stories. That's why everything's so informally written... I've no interest in the formal pretense of crafting any more grant applications or positioning statements, and the like...

I spent a lot of time on that kind of thing, when I was younger... Well intentioned advice taught me how unprofessionally I was going about the business of my creative work, and before I knew it, I was focused way more on writing about what I was making, than actually making anything new.

The photos are ones I took at the old Uptown theater, in Minneapolis. I could post more of those photographs, to start, or do a slide show on the various plays I've helped to put on, usually assisting with sound design or prop building.

I've also done some writing on the subject (which, again, is the reason I started this website), so I should dig out that story, first, and maybe see about illustrating it, here.

Lots to think about. Stay tuned for some stories...


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