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What's Next, Jon??

The Illustrated Edit
Concise, yes?

I really only made the first one for me... (the WKRP mix). I just edit mixes together for fun, sometimes.

So, I've done some brainstorming, and have some NEWS. And there will be fun, too.

New Show Coming Soon... That's the news.. Also, it'll be very much like the last one, but really, totally different, of course. All according to plan.

Our new host stands on his own, as a classic TV Radio DJ. He's a man of many perspectives, and diverse musical tastes:

Some sick sweet sounds from the earliest days of Pop, right through to the end of our 20th Century,...

Plus Showtunes! Folk Music! Country! Rock, of course, and Rhythm and Blues. There's other stuff, too. Everything, really. You name it.

These new radio installments will debut in just


More Soon...

And stay tuned to the Sheena's Jungle Room stream, at

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